Browns Food Group

Brown Brothers

The Brown family opened a small butcher shop in Biggar, Scottish Borders. Starting off by distributing their products by horse and cart throughout Lanarkshire and the surrounding areas, the business flourished and two further traditional ‘factory units were opened to satisfy regional demand.

Browns Food Group

Godfrey family

The Godfrey family bought the Brown family’s small business, and with six members of staff continue to uphold the values, tradition and quality of product held by the Brown family.

Browns Food Group

Brown Brothers Kirkconnel

In 1993 the business moved to a new state-of-the-art factory in Dumfriesshire, becoming Brown Brothers Manufacturing Ltd. The new site paved the way for both frozen and chilled products to be manufactured and distributed, enabling the product range to be extended whilst providing continued opportunity for growth.

Browns Food Group


The first expansion after the move, the purchase of ready-meal brand FoodPro was a new opportunity for Browns Food Group to offer customers a new product and move into a new area of expertise.

Browns Food Group

Fenton Barns

Purchase of meat and poultry business Fenton Barns – based in East Lothian, Scotland – was a further expansion into new products and areas of service for our customers.

Browns Food Group

Lions Speciality

Brown’s acquired Lions Speciality Foods, a major manufacturer of chilled and frozen salmon and seafood products.

Browns Food Group

Locharbriggs coldstore

Purchase of Locharbriggs cold storage facility in Dumfries, Scotland. The facility allowed further expansion of the business, and development of further storage, transport and logistical services Brown’s offers to its customers.

Browns Food Group


Acquisition of major poultry sales operation Mostell allowed a further expansion in products offered by the group. FoodPro also moved to a new, larger state-of-the-art site, increasing output and efficiency substantially.

Browns Food Group

Mostell Logistics

Expansion into Mostell Logistics increased the logistical services offered by the group by creating an in-house transport branch to service our customers efficiently and cost effectively. Browns Food Group also purchased Belchers of Ayrshire – one of Europe’s largest retail frozen producers – which allowed for further production and development of product range, as well as additional manufacturing site and greater output.

Browns Food Group

Belcher Foods

Purchase of Belcher Foods, one of Europe’s largest retail frozen producers.

Browns Food Group

Mostell Seafood

The purchase of Mostell Seafood facilitated expansion into greater range of high quality seafood products, as well as bringing renowned seafood brand Ocean Catch to the group.

Browns Food Group

Tilbury Transport / Coldstore

10,000 pallet frozen distribution centre import London Distribution. The same year saw the opening of our large-scale frozen distribution centre, Tilbury Coldstore, expanding our logistic, transport and storage capabilities in-group.

Browns Food Group

Scottish Gourmet

Purchase of Scottish Gourmet allowed the group to move into a new sector – home delivered, restaurant style meals. The same year Lions Speciality Foods’ re-launched premium brand Tarbert Fine with new range of products, including high quality salmon range.

Browns Food Group

Hall's Production

Purchase of major chilled and frozen goods brand Hall’s of Scotland, including production site, and van sales bringing an established brand to the group, greatly expanded product range and production capacity. Retail service Hall’s Direct was also implemented.
The introduction of in-group import/export operation Importo, greatly expanded the group’s logistical services in-house, whilst offering logistical import/export services to other businesses.

Browns Food Group

150,000 sq ft cooked meat factory

Completion of 150,000 sq ft cooked meat factory for high capacity output and increased efficiency. Purchase and absorption of bacon specialist D & R Stevenson.


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